Having a Problem with Music Skipping

Jun 20, 2012
Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with music skipping on this player?

Some of my music skips and some doesn't.
I haven't been able to figure out what is causing it.
The only thing that I've been able to narrow down so far is that the music that skips,
ALL has come from the internet, rather than my ripped CD's.
Don't let that statement misguide you though.
Sometimes it's just certain songs from the same album.
Now THAT doesn't makes sense to me at all.

I've tried pulling the music off and reloading, still no luck.
All of it plays fine on my computer.
Every piece of music that I've put on my player has been converted to MP3 320kbps using dbpoweramp,
So there shouldn't be any variation of encoding either.

I was going to call Samsung Tech Support about it, by why waste the time.
Talking to those people is like trying to talk to a box of hair! :rolleyes:

By the way,
has anyone found any other forums for this player?


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
Have you tried a different player, like JetAudio? It's probably a problem with the way those MP3s were recorded. But if you ran them again then it doesn't make sense. A different player just may work.
Jun 20, 2012
I havent tried JetAuido, but I have tried Mixzing, and it did it with that player as well.
I'll give them a shot if they are free. (havent looked yet) If they are a paid app, probably not because I don't want to pay for the same problem I'm having. :)
Jun 20, 2012
Just tried jetaudio and they still skip with that player. Even the album art gets messed up. There must be something really funky with the encoding that it doesn't like. Funny how the computer plays them fine though.

I really like the jetaudio player and would love to keep it but something is really screwed up...
When I let my screen time out the player shut off.
When I wake the screen up, it resumes from where it left off.
I can't find a setting to fix this, what am I missing here?
I should probably also mention I use my galaxy player with a Bluetooth boombox so I don't know if that is causing a glitch or not. Jetaudio states that it supports Bluetooth.
Jul 30, 2012
TRY THIS - disable or uninstall the equalizer installed on said device I have the samsung galaxy tab 2 and I had to disable the "Music FX" Program that was running.