HC 3.2 has rendered the SD card useless?


Mar 30, 2012
I got my new (used) Medion Lifetab P9514 in the mail today. Great little device with only one major flaw; I can't move any apps to the SD card.

I did some digging, and from what I understand, the mountpoint for SD cards were changed in Honeycomb 3.2, which means apps can't be move to the external memory, or more correctly; if the devs haven't updated their products, then apps can't be moved to external memory.

Is this correct?
But maybe Medion just screwed me over by completely removing this option?

I can't seem to move any apps from internal to external memory, at all. This includes recently updated apps like Dolphin HD and Opera. Looking around it seems, that I should be able to move apps from Applications > Manage Applications, but there is no option to do so, just a 'Clear Data' button, and no 'Move To SD card' button next to it.

Can anyone shed som light on this please?

Thanks for your time