Help Needed! Stuck on the ANDROID screen!


Feb 16, 2013
Sup all Im new and all that so hi :)

I have a 9 inch tablet Model number N900 its unbranded and its running 4.0.4 and its been working fine. I've been using it today and went to do something else and went to use it again and it gets stuck on the boot screen all it says is ANDROID and that silver thing that goes over it keeps on going over it, if that makes sense :D I've tried rebooting it, to no luck, I've also tried holding the power button and the volume button at the same time, again, no luck. I've also tried holding to power button for 30 seconds, once again no luck. I have also pressing the reset button and its STILL stuck on the ANDROID screen!!! Help?

Thanks In Advance

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