Help please someone. Tablet just starts up in calibration mode then hangs


Jan 16, 2011
Sorry be a bother but I am really in need of help.
I have a Froyo 8" A8 Cortex Freescale IMX515 2.2 Google Android Tablet PC - 4GB - WiFi - Works with Flash 10.1
When I start it up the andriod logo comes on and it fires up immediately to the calibration screen with an X apperaing in each corner and middle when youtouch it. after that it just hangs and then the screen pixilates and goes greyish.

Gadgetman, have you tried doing a reset? That should fix it. Turn it off then get a paperclip to reset. If that doesn't work then you may need to find the latest firmware for it and upload that.
i have the very same issue but to be honest i caused it, my pad came in perfect condition, then i clicked on the return to factory setting button and it never came back again it got stuck on the android 2.2 screen, then i opened the device, i got the micro sd card thats inside it, and i looked at the partitions with linux, then i cleared the cache partition and now it hangs on the calibration screen i really think that if someone could copy their partitions from their original micro sd card and then send them to me it would fix my problem i would re-partition and copy everything to the existing micro sd card. thanks.
Bought 2 of these A8 cortex Fr809t , both burned up internally within 3 hours!
Made the mistake of paying 40.00 more to send them back as instructed by seller ***************, They took me 53 days to get from China, but took only 10 days for them to get them back from me!
They had a problem with their supplier's laborers doing crappy soldering, both of mine after 3 hours got hot inside and melted some connections, I made the mistake of sending them back for a refund, once they got my money and returned tablet, I was lied to weekly for over two months, no refund or new tablets. Do not make the mistake I made!
I did this to my epad too, just keep going through the calibration screens it will eventually finish, reboot and if the screen comes up again go through the calibration again once that happens you should be good to go.