How Android stacks up against Apple's mobile OS - hard numbers


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Nov 26, 2010

A month ago or so I released some information on behalf of a company that I work with. The company collects data from hundreds of thousands of internet users visiting numerous thousands of websites that the company owns. Quite a lot of news reporting angencies use this data such as;,,, and even tech companies such as Microsoft. Just as before I cannot divulge what time frame these numbers took place, or what company it is due to legal reasons. Although I can tell you these are condensed numbers, and a small snapshot through a 30 day period... majorly condensed.

Alas, below is a snippet to show that Android OS (tablets/phones) are catching up to the Apple OS and will most likely by the end of 2011 or into 2012 surpass it IMHO.

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Dec 28, 2010
I can't say I'm surprised by this, but it's still cool to see real data about android's rise to dominance. :D


Nov 18, 2010
The implication imbedded in the comparison is interesting, and I would like to know the basis for the comparison. What are these numbers? They show that Android has 'almost as much' of something as iPhone, 'twice as much' as iPad, etc., but I am not understanding what 'it' is. Are these condensed sales figures? Production numbers? Wholesale orders? App downloads? Product reviews? If the graphs generally describe market share, what is the market share measured in?