How do you de-mount a USB thumb drive?????


Jan 9, 2011
Anyone know how to do this?
There is de-mounting for a USB connection to a PC but nothing for thumbdrives.
If you disconnect the thumbdrive, the tablet complains that you should demount the drive first.


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Oct 5, 2010
Same problem on my Haipad, and apparently other tablets too. Seems the only "safe" way to unmount them is to power down/hibernate the tablet and unplug the USB flash drive. Otherwise just unplug it, ignore the complaint, and risk the potential data loss (which is really only a risk if you do it when the LED is flashing indicating drive activity).

I'm sure there is a umount command you could run in a terminal emulator on a rooted tablet too, but that sounds bothersome. Oh, and some tablets DO have an unmount option hidden somewhere in the Settings, or so I've heard. I guess go through and remember additional settings may be "hidden" unless you press the "Menu" button.


Feb 24, 2011
Here is what i do - this is the easiest way to safely remove any device that does not automatically by the OS.

1) Download GScript from Market
2) Add a new script with the following:
umount /pathtomountpoint
3) On your main screen/desktop, long press and add a "shortcut"
4) Scroll down to GScript and select it
5) Locate your script you just created and click on it.

Basically you are just creating a fast 1-click shortcut to your desktop to unmount whatever you want. You will need to know the mount-point location of whatever device you are using first. For example: I use an external SATA drive with my Kyros in my car for all my music. By default my FAT32 partition will mount to the "/scsi" folder on my kyros. So I would just run "umount /scsi".

You must be rooted and have SU access to do this. If you want to see a list of all your mounts, create a script with the following in it and run it:

Let me know if that helps!