Ideos S7 Slim - cannot connect to Android Market

I found "Level Pro" that works properly. there must be a flag somewhere that identifies the tablet as default landscape or portrait that the software is not looking at properly. Otherwise it sees it rotated 90' clockwise. Really annoying on Google Sky.

1-888-548-2934 is their US customer service phone number.

I have a problem with my accelerometer. When using a level application, Bubbles, the level orients itsself wrong. For example, if you hold tablet on side the bubble level is vertical instead of horizontal. If you lift an end the bubble travels up or down - not towards the high side like it should. I can't play Labyrinth either.

Any Ideas? Does IDEOS have a support phone number?
hi guys,
I'm stuck while trying to reformat my Ideos S7,
so when I push Factory data reset ---- resset tablet ---- erase everything ---and then nothing happens... eve after I reboot it twice...
It just doesn't reset like I order it to...
can anyone help me please?
thanks before