Just a big thanks to the Dev community


Dec 10, 2010
I just wanted to mention how much I appreciate everything the people that spend there own time ( now a days time is a valuable commodity ) trying to get devices like the S7 customized for the rest of us. There is a handfull of Devs out in the world who really know what they are doing with these android devices. It would be real easy for them to just keep that info to themselves but they are all willing to share there knowledge with us for free. All of us Non Devs just wait around and reap the rewards of your hard work.

The S7 is only a few months old and allready you guys have.....

Recovery is around the corner
There is probably other work arounds i'm not even aware of...

The S7 is just one device out of hundreds that have been developed. Just go to XDA and look at all the phones that have been jailbroke.

So let's thank them and be patient with them about custom Rom's, Like I said, it takes time to go through these things and time is a hard thing to come by these days..


PS - I've learned so much from this forum it's scary. Might inspire me to learn Linux and monkey around myself. :D