Kindle Books and Galaxy tab2 7.0


Jun 20, 2012
Just bought the tablet and learning curve is not bad. I downloaded 2 Kindle books with no problem and figured out how to bookmark pages. However, I can't find a menu to go back to the bookmarks. I want to download a 1500 page travel book and will bookmark several pages and would like to know how to find them without searching. Someone showed me their smart phone bookmark menu for Kindle books that pops up by taping the bottom of the screen but that menu does not appear on my screen.:eek:
Hey bluedawg,

When in doubt, check the menu. That's the vertical stack of little squares in the top-right corner that shows up when you tap the center of the page. On there you'll find View My Notes & Marks. Tap that to go to a list of your bookmarks.

Now, as to how Notes works, I haven't figured that out yet, but if anyone knows, please inform us.

Also, on a mostly unrelated note, how do I get the Tab 2 to stop dinging whenever a new email comes in?