Lcd screen broke

Granny Goo Goo

Junior Member
Nov 15, 2015
Hi everyone, i have been looking for answers to my question for a while and either cannot find a solution or get no response so I am hoping the good people of this forum can help. The problem I have is with a broken lcd screen on an 8" quad core zeki tablet. The touchscreen and digitizer are working it is just the lcd. My question is I have a lcd from another zeki 8" that is not the exact same model can I use that to replace the broken one? The broken one is a TBQG884B and the one I want to use to replace it is from a TBDG874B. I also noticed part of the flex cable firm the new one is not exactly the same. Hopefully I have given enough information for someone to tell me if this can be done. Thank you.