Learn and share Tablet experience


Nov 5, 2011
HI, Everyone,
It is nice to be here , hope I can learn some tablet experience here ,and I would like to share my Wits A91 experience.


Basic Specification: 1Ghz TI OMAP 3730 CPU, Android 2.3.3, with built-in GPS, HD capacitive screen, with Power VR, replaceable battery

1, it is good to visit internet by dolphin
2, watching online video smoothly on Tudou and Youku
3, games support: asphalt6 HD,GT Racing, NFS13, Extreme Formula, GrandPrixLiveRacing F1, PES 2011, Nova, Plants vs Zombies ...
4, not competible with skype
Hi Tropicfisher, welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new tablet and on becoming a member of Android Tablets. Glad you decided to join us. That looks like a very nice tablet, I particularly like the replaceable battery. Very few tablets have that.