Location Based Apps


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Nov 4, 2010
Now that i have a working BT (courtersy of CM7) and a BT GPS ($35 at amazon), i started looking for location based apps - here's a short summary of what i've used

google maps/navigation - yes works great including turn by turn but you do need a wifi connection to get tfe maps updated (my mifi works great in this regard). As a work around if i pre plan my route while i am within wifi, i can follow that route without wifi

copilot -http://www.alk.com/copilot/ is a $5 navigation program, you get to download hte maps lcoally (the North America maps was a 1.5GB download). in my short testing this works really well - the maps on a 7 inch screen are just great and easy to see. The street names for the next maneuver are in big bold letters so you can miss it. One nit though is it does not call out the street names

Beerby - Beerby - Android app on AppBrain
yes it shows you locations of where you can buy beer- around you :)

Gowalla -http://www.appbrain.com/app/gowalla/com.gowalla a social travel guide is how its described - basically lets you mark and share locations with frineds

Zagat NRU - Zagat nru | Droid Apps - is a restaurant locator using the metaphor of a compass/radar - with locations of restaurants marked on the compass

not on this list but i am gonig to try to test this weekend is SCVNGR - a scavenger hunt app

well if you have a cool location based app, please share