Lonpad D7 \ MID7015 \ EM71 - Help needed.


Dec 6, 2010

So I bought this MID few days ago. I got root access to my MID and removed some not used apps (Like gmail, googletalk and such). But seems like I accidentally deleted the calibration apk and now touchscreen is screwed up. I tried HTC Calibration app, but it didn't work.
I restored factory settings to solve my problem, but it didn't fix the touch and now I can't get to my home screen either. It says "Touch the Android to start", but nothing happens, still I can change language, etc. Now I totally don't know what to do, I think I need to reinstall the whole system, but I don't know how, since this is my first Android device.

How do I fix my MID now?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, sorted this already. Downloaded update.zip from cobyusa, took Calibrate.apk from there, pushed in System/app through ADB.
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