Looking for a better ROM hopefully


Dec 13, 2010
:) Hi there. Just got my first android tablet so i'm new to this forum.
Gotta admit i like my tablet. Went for a cheapy first of all to ee what there like and its good for what i paid.

However the market is pretty shoddy and i cant get the quickoffice apk i found to side load onto it. So i was hoping to find out if theres a better ROM out there (more stable the better)
I'm pretty competent but i feel i'd need someone to explain it to me.

Also im not sure what the name of my tablet it is.
I think its generic tablet and i pulled these specifics with the electricsheep app

Android Version - 1.6
A.P.I - 4
Brand - Generic
RAM - 229
Processor - ARM926EJ-srev
OS - 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty

If there's any decent ROMs out there that'll help me id greatly appreciate the help.
If it helps all i require from it except the media players is the ability to take notes and use apps like quick office.

Thanks Monkeynugget :)


Nov 25, 2010
I need to make sure for you but some of the firmwares in Gome Flytouch Firmware should work

your tablet is a gome flytouch clone or it might be that and not a clone regardless I'll link you with a firmware, just need to confirm :)