m70003 problem - please help!


Dec 26, 2010
Dear everyone

I am new to the forum and i appreciate any help in advance that might be offered.

way back in october, I bought 3 m70003 from ebay or my 3 teenage daughters. They arrived quickly in good condition, i charged them and checked they turned on and all was fine. So they were presented as xmas presents yesterday, and connected fine to the internet etc.. all was fine until one of the 3 decided to turn itself off and when it came back on it will turn on but not proceed to the home screen.

I have tried the reset button etc, it has been fully charged overnight again and this morning, it will still not come on.

This is a big disappointment, and i have contacted some suppliers of the tablet who say the operating system may need reinstalled. now we are not very technical people so would not know where to start. we cant find a website that might walk through some troubleshooting, so even if anyone knows this, it would be a great help!

again, thanks in advance for help!


Jan 3, 2011
I'm fairly new to the world of Android flypad's but I also own an M70003 device. I've been looking, (unsucsessfully), for a ROM update for mine for some weeks now. One thing I did read along the way though was if you encounter problems such as you're having, try removing the SD memory card before rebooting the device, I gather that this works sometimes!