Malata Zpad == Viewsonic Gtab?


Jan 13, 2011

I've been checking it out on this forum and on xda and there seem to be a lot of evidence pointing to these two tablets being the same thing.
Malata makes them, which is why you seem to be able to get more options on the Zpad, and they are rebranded for viewsonic, but they seem to be the same. Saw unboxings of both, the tablets are identical and even the boxes are the same. Both basic white, slightly different opening types, but the piece of cardboard the tablets rest on seems identical.

This isn't illegal or anything, I just found it really interesting.
This is pretty cool, because there will probably be two sources of firmware for each tablet, which is what seems to be happening anyway, with the firmware for the Zpad being used on both.

Can anyone else help me confirm this?
Any comments?

P.S. Anyone know if Android 3.0 will be available for either through manufacturer firmware update? Or even through user created Roms?
Is the UI the same on both, apparently the Gtablet comes with a custom UI instead of Standard android, which may have been why it was pulled from Staples stores in the US.
Are the UI's the same for Zpad and Gtablet? I would imagine they were different, especially since Zpad is supposed to support flash.

This is the link where I got the info about the GtabletBuyer beware is the message of Viewsonic's G Tablet | ITworld
From watching some videos, it seems the G tablet does have it's own more heavily modified rubbish UI that is sluggish, which doesn't have flash. Different to the Zpad's more typical android, yet still optimized for tablets UI, which does seem to have flash.
Sorry, I may have been wrong about G tablet not having flash. Can anyone with one please verify?
Flash is just an APK away. Malata is believed to be the OEM of the gTablet, so there are many similarities. The specifications are pretty much identical. Firmware seems to be compatible at least in part as well.

Viewsonic is a rebrander. They don't seem to have an active Android development team. But anything associated with a brand means that it will be under standards that are more strict. If the brand is American, it will be FCC approved. The batteries and other components may have better build quality as well.
Cool. But if the g tablet is good quality because it is american then by default the zpad will be as well, since it has the same hardware? Anyone know where the UI came from for the G tablet? Did Viewsonic make it?
I just saw this thread, hence the late reply.
The custom UI for the Viewsonic is by a company in India called TapNTap .
Expect to see more and better Android UIs from TapnTap on other tablets.
The answer is YESSSSS they ARE the same tablet. Both Malata and Viewsonic are resellers for the NVIDIA Tegra2 based chipsets. The pad is manufactured by the same company NVidia, but the resellers don't exist in the same markets. one is in China and other parts of the world. The other, Viewsonic is in the India, USA and alternate parts of the world. SO YES the specs are basically the same. That's not a coincidence. By the way TapnTap is CrapnCrap. But, just root it, clockwork it and mod it, then IT ROCKS!!!!!!
The pad is manufactured by the same company NVidia

I'm not sure that this is the case. I believe that nVidia makes the chipset, but I think Malata actually makes the tablets and is the OEM for other companies like viewsonic.