MID703 manual different to tablet


Mar 1, 2012
I've just bought a MID703 16gb Galaxy 7" Android 2.3 tablet (NATPC). All fine but something as basic as a MENU (mentioned in manual) is just not there, also the HOME PAGE is totally different to that in the manual. I also just cannot find any way of adding a second email address. Or change Skype sound settings. Or connect to my Windows 7 PC (software driver not found).
A bit of advice on downloading applications would be good, such as the Android market stuff.
Apart from that, it set up fine on Wi-Fi, initial email address, Skype, etc.
The tiny manual is completely useless so far as no screen is the same as those illustrated. I just use what common sense I've picked from 25 years with a PC.
Any help appreciated.