Momo 11 hardware problem.


Aug 26, 2013
Hi all, noobie to forum, what a wealth of knowledge! Hope someone can help, or maybe point me in right direction.
I'm trying to obtain a component part ( ribbon strip connector from motherboard to lcd screen ) that was damaged in an attempt to replace a cracked touchscreen of my much loved momo 11 speed.
I've tried the supplier i bought from, and ployer manufacturer to no avail. Any ideas anyone?
I'm loathe to scrap the tab, as it was my first one, and was my intro to the android world.

Living in hope. Cheers
Many thanks for your suggestions Spider, never thought to try Amazon, I'll give it a go in a minute.
Had a search going on ebay for some time now, no luck yet, all refurbs and working tabs. Still ever
Hopeful. Thanks again.