My Manual for (HUAWEI) USB 3G


Jan 23, 2011
just bought one of these should be here tomorrow. ill have a look at it and see how easy it is to set up.


Mar 2, 2011
It got stuck at "connecting".
Modem is on and recognized but says "connecting" and occasionally "disconnected" for a moment, then "connecting" again.

I have the same problem as this one, does someone knows how to solve this?


Mar 22, 2011
I have been trying this for a fair few hours now and it doesn't seem to work on any settings.

Does anyone have any pointers to give?

I am using a Huawei E1550 (originally on ThreeUK but was hacked unlocked for any network).

It has a Three Sim with Data allowance on it.

It has been hacked to have the CD Rom and SD Card removed with the Hyperterminal AT^U2DIAGS=0 hack.

It works with the Three Sim in a Windows XP PC (With and without the Virtual CDRom).

I am inserting in an X220 Flytouch 2.

Without the CDRom Hack it is acknowledged as a Huawei E1750.

With the CDRom Hack it is registered as a HuaweiMU509:23420.

It flashes Green for 10 seconds (a rate of one flash per 2.5 seconds) and then flashes Blue at the same rate.

I have just gold carded / flash updated my X220 Rom, with firmware 2.1-update1 V2.2:#3245 kernel version build number ERE27.

I use QuickSettings (APK downloaded via a HTC Hero), and have copied these settings into the QuickSettings program (Which never seems to hold these settings).

Name - 3
Apn -
proxy - not set
port - not set
Username - not set
Password - not set
Server - not set
MMS proxy -
MMS port - 8799
MMS protocol - WAP 2.0
MCC - 234
MNC - 20
Authentication type - not set
APN type - not set.

Am I doing something wrong?

Does it matter which port it is plugged into?

Has anyone succesfully used the X220 for USB 3G access?



Mar 22, 2011
Now my modem has been debranded and firmware has been updated it still behaves like it did before the firmware flashing.

I was on 11.608.09.01.21 but now I'm on 11.608.13.02.00

Does anyone have any pointers for me on these issues I'm having?

I really want to use this USB modem and tablet together.




Aug 26, 2012
It got stuck at "connecting".
Modem is on and recognized but says "connecting" and occasionally "disconnected" for a moment, then "connecting" again.
in my tablet there is no 3g settings.. i have Lan port in my tab but no sim card slot
what can i do?


Jun 12, 2013
Since I've been trying a long time to run my HUAWEI E1550, E150 I want to comment you the steps I've done.

1)To disable the auto running on the modem, how to do it already written in other topics:

HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows 7

Connect the modem to the tablet.

2) In the Android Market download software Quick Settings , install, run.

Select Mobile data

Next, we see we need a page to configure

Select Access Point Names , click menu and New APN.

My modem unlocked

Russian mobile operators

Save and select the created APN.

Well, actually all, then go to 3G settings

Push the 3G network turn on 3G modem. Yes, my modem is defined as the E1750 but actually E1550

Wait connecting.

Well, finally we get Connected We see the emergence of G icon next to the battery. :)

Speed test

Glad to help :)

Great guide, but there are alot different Quick Settings in Play Store:

Which one do You refer to?

With kind regards