Need help from someone well versed in m701 flashing


Jan 9, 2011
I bought a Haipad M701 4gb from here
SinaDeal: cheap NPAD tablet PC, USD 122.99, NPAD MID & EBOOK Tablet PC Google Android 2.2 7 inch TFT Screen Telechip 800MZH 256M DDR2 4GB Flash HDD

Now when I looked in the info section it said something like 2gb available and when I saw that I tripped out and emailed the company they told me it is in fact a 4gb and the rest was taken up by the operating system which sounded like BS to me.

I noticed a firmware was released for the M701 4gb and I attempted to flash it using fwdn 2.10 following the instructions included with the download (BTW nand data said 1421312kb which is about 1.3gb)
followed the instructions and come time to flash, everything was going good then I had a crc error stating the target crc and file crc didnt match... I then tried the 2gb version but same error.
At this point I'm not quite sure what to do I can still get fwdn to recognize the device and if I remove the .img file it finishes flashing but of course i need that to actually get it to boot soooo IDK where to go from here any input would be greatly appreciated :)