new-ish tech junkie with dreams of smooth integration among various technology


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Dec 24, 2014
"...smooth integration among various technology"? Wow. Sorry, i get a little over- optimistic sometimes. Dr. says the episodes will reduce in frequency as time goes by.
I have had a Samsung Gravity smartphone before with froyo, i have a synet7lp tablet that is on one of the android versions from that era too, unfortunately the screen is cracked.
My current issue is with trying to set up my little brother's NEW RCA 7 Voyager (kitkat) blind because it has sound but No picture. Any ideas, tips, fixes or directions to the solution will be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi Qaotech, welcome to the forum. Nice to have you as a member of Android Tablets. I'm moving your thread to the Android Tablet Q&A section for you, where more people familiar with that RCA tablet are likely to join the discussion and try to help you. Good luck!