New Tab Owner - Sim Card? Apps? Watch on?


Junior Member
May 2, 2014
Just got the Tab 3 - 7". Couple questions i can't find the answer to. I see this has a sim card- i'll be traveling to italy in summer and was wondering if i can use this as a phone with a sim card i pick up over there. also- i just started downloading apps ( i have G3) from app store and was wondering - do most apps work /display properly on this tablet too? i've been reading descriptions of apps and hardly any say if they are formatted for both phone and tablet (granted a small tablet!). For example i added Flipboard widget (thru GoLauncher) and it was full screen and horrible resolution. Finally, i was told by Sprint that the Tab would mirror my TV. I have a 2013 Samsung Smart TV yet i can't get it to mirror. Any advise would be appreciate!

thanks guys!