New to Tablets, experienced with android


Dec 14, 2010
Hey everyone, I recently bought a Coby Kryos MID7005 tablet and i like it. I know it has much more potential, but nobody in the Coby tablets section of the forum is giving me any help to root it. I've had the Samsung Moment for about a year now and I love android OS. It was such a let down to see that my tablet doesn't even have the regular android market place. I would like to buy either the Samsung Epic or the HTC Evo for my next phone. I've rooted and hacked my Samsung moment so I have experience with the rooting process. Unfortunately nobody has pointed me in the right direction, or any direction of that sort. any feed back is greatly appreciated.

the mid7015 is easily rooted with z4root. I would try that first. Just search xda for it.