Nexus 7 or TF300 (~$50 difference)


Aug 19, 2012
So I was almost set on buying the Nexus 7 (willing to take the lack of storage hit and get a wi-drive in the future), however I have a unique opportunity to buy a TF300 (32GB) for $300. I really do want a 10' screen, but I hate the thought of buying something 'old' especially when this technology is advancing so rapidly. The Transformer tablets seem to get good reviews from big name sites, but I've also seen some bad things regarding lag and i/o. With the release of jelly bean today, are these issues fixed? Is there any insight from people who have owned or tested one or the other (preferably both)? Should I maybe wait for the Nexus 10?

Any input is appreciated!
Welcome to the forum Ba1

If you wait for the next tablet to come along you will always be waiting. As you pointed out, advances are rampant. Id a 7" tablet is going to work you couldn't go wring with the Nexus 7, however the TF300 is a great device and I think the lag you mention is slightly over blown. At any rate ASUS did admit to some I/O issues that they were supposed to have fixed.

I would go, based on your comments, with the TF300 simply not to have to deal with carrying another storage device but 10" workes much better for me too.

Hope that helps.
I'm in same boat as you. I was looking to buy my first tablet and I have doing my HW and I have chosen TF300. The main reason was the price to value at this point. You can always wait. I just waited for about 4 mouths and now I'm tired of waiting. I want my tab!
Thanks for the advice guys. I think I will exercise a little patience and wait to see how things progress this year. With the Surface coming out I think there may be some big price drops for older model tablets and I don't really NEED to have one now.
So jelly bean coming to 300t. I can't wait till I get my giftcard so I can pick it up. Sure u want to wait? Jk