No access to SD card apps after USB Connect


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Mar 13, 2013
When ever I plug my phone into my computer to load files onto it I select "Turn on USB Storage" then it asks me a question (don't remember what), I choose OK and I can access the SD card from my computer. However, when I'm finished and I select "Turn off USB storage" the icons for the apps that are on the SD card are greyed out and on the home screen and don't appear in the full list of apps.

I've tried unmounting then mounting the SD card, that doesn't work by itself, but when I reboot it after mounting the SD card the apps return to normal. This is a hassle,is there another solution to this?



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Dec 27, 2011
The old story is about this guy who goes to the doc and says, Doc, when I bend my finger this way it hurts. Doc says, I have a solution, don't bend your finger that way. ;)

Rather than trying to fight that because it happens when you connect, try doing it using something like DropBox or Sugarsync, or use AirDroid to do the file transfers. (it may be that you are having issues with the SD card).