NVIDIA Relaunches the Shield Tablet With a New Lower Price of Just $199


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Jan 5, 2011

NVIDIA is offering up a killer 2015 Holiday offer. They are relaunching a cheaper version of their impressive Shield Android tablet with a new name: The Shield Tablet K1. The new price is now only $199.99, but you don't really lose much with the cheaper price. The tablet has identical hardware and software as the previous $299.99 version. You still get the same full HD 1080p 8-inch display, plus the Tegra K1 CPU with 192-core NVIDIA Kepler architecture GPU and 2GB RAM. The tablet also includes 16GB storage (expandable to 128GB via MicroSD) and WiFi.

The only difference from the previous version is that NVIDIA is not including the built-in stylus, nor a slot on the side to hold one. It is still available and compatible as a separate accessory purchase. It also doesn't come with a charger or microUSB cable. The only other thing it lacks is LTE support, but at this price, that is unsurprising, and neither did the original version.

Here's a link to their web landing page to snap up this awesome stocking stuffer: Buy the New SHIELD tablet K1 - NVIDIA SHIELD Store