Pandigital Novel - problems after hack


Dec 29, 2010
I have a white Pandigital novel and I was able to hack it using this: How to hack your (white) Novel – the easy way. After hacking, I turned it on and tried to download apps using the browser. I have been unsuccessful in every attempt in downloading anything, from the reader itself or using my SD card. I tried downloading an app and it downloaded, but there was a parsing error. I can't open any downloads via my SD card because when I open the file it asks whether I want to open it as a video, image, text, or music. I tried downloading Panda Home and that was unsuccessful also. I tried downloading the FW from Pandigital's website to revert to the original but my computer won't recognize the hacked device. I also tried downloading and transferring to my SD card, but when I tried to open the file it would only open it as an image, text, video, or music file. I just want to get it back to the original format. Any help would be appreciated. I'm incredible frustrated. Thanks!