please help


May 8, 2012
Hi everyone
I was hoping someone can help me with my epad. I got it from ebay and it was painfully slow, so i installed a rom " VIA8505 WMT2.0_105 " hoping it would
help, but the touchpad won't work, I tried a few other roms but none of them even tried to go past the green man. Below are some of the information i got
before i tried to update it.

memory 256mb
firmware: 1.6
kernal version : 2.6.29-00326-g4f8dbbb-dirty
build : wmt 2.0

looking at the end of the epad i have a speaker hole, then the power, then a green jack, then the main jack, then memory card slot, then another speaker hole.
the led lights up blue when switched on.
any help will be appreciated.
many thanks