Poppin the Android Cherry

Nov 2, 2010
hello all,

im dan and im a student livin in chi-town usa. at the beginning of my android journey it was my intention to buy a amazon kindle or some like ereader so i can read the many many pdf's i have collected. well during my research i ran across a android tablet. after more research and comparing different tablets i purchased this spiffy lil tablet from some Chinese company. this is the link to the tablet i got if yall wanna c.

Android 2.1 Tablet PC-aPad-MID-7 TFT Touch Screen-ARM 11-Telechips 8902B-720MHZ-256 DDR2-2G-Wifi-Camera(SMQ5821) - US$ 169.99

at first i was a lil iffy about gettin it from china but i saw enough good feedback and review videos to take a leap of faith.

now i really have no idea what im doin when i got my tablet. i had to mess with a couple of settings to kinda get it going but i had it working, kinda. i got it connected to the internet and even connected to the market place but when i tried to download an app it just sat there in a never ending "starting download" state. ok off to the internet to find a fix, kinda how i found this site, where i find out that you cant just take the tablet out the box n play with it, you gotta flash it or root it or screw it then sue it to get the tablet running to its fullest potential.

ok im a tech person and since it comes from the other side of the world changing some settings to get it to work here makes sense. but, im an android virgin! i have no clue how to do all this stuff. from what ive read if you install the wrong thing into the tab or go about it the wrong way u can brick ur tablet. and yeaaaaa i would like to avoid that.

so now that im here makin my intro ill tell ya why im here at this site.

1. i need to know what to do to update my tablet to the most current version.
2. i know what rooting is and understand why its good to do it but im a noob and i know if you do it wrong ur gunna brick the tab. so if you can give me a step by step or shoot me somewhere with some directions on how to root the tab.
3. one thing i find curious about this tab is that ive seen about 5 or 6 different versions from different companies with slight variations to the tablet specs and packaging but its obviously the same tablet just packaged under different brands. so if its all the same does it matter which firmware u install? ive searched for the firmware but cannot find any clear place to dload the ware. i dont want to install the brick app. but without that update i cant do alot of stuff with my droid.

heres my tab sys info, maybe someone can tell me what firmware i need and where to find it.

model number - MID
firmware version - 2.1 -update1
kernel version - 2.6.29
root@localhost #120
build number - MID 1.1

annnnndddd 4. really isint a tech question just a noob one. but once i get into the marketplace what a good set of starter apps to have on the tablet to make it perform better like a power manager or some app that makes your tablet shoot lasers and enslave the minds of small children?

if anyone could help me with some of these/all of these questions would be great.