Proscan PLT7777: Can't Get Into Recovery Mode


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Jul 2, 2014
I have been searching this thread for hours and I can not find any useful info for my Proscan tablet. When I start the tablet, it shows "Proscan' with a blue background, then "Proscan" in smaller letters and a small rotating circle. It stays on that screen with the circle still moving for hours. The ProScan PLT7777 dose not have volume buttons, but dose have a power button and a rest button on the back. I have tried all button combinations, and still nothing happens (can't get into recovery mode). Please Help



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Jul 5, 2014
I'm having the same problem and cant seem to find and ounce of information on the net :(


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Aug 23, 2014
I just did minds and it work I call them and had them email the direction so here it is.
This email is with regards to your recent contact to Curtis International Ltd. for tablet support.
Please note the following web-link for software support. -
Please click on the following web-link a above and select the relevant model number and unzip the file and follow provided procedures that are included in the WORD-file that is in the unzipped folder. Please then have a Micro-SD card ready and apply the firmware accordingly.

Please note that if the firmware patch is successful – please retain these files for future support if needed. Please also note that firmware files can also be updated from time to time. Please visit our webpage at > in order to confirm for latest firmware files.
Follow is to get it done
Upgrade by Micro SD card:

1. Copy the “recovery.img”, “” and “factory_update_param.aml” file from the download net to the Micro SD card.

2. Turn off the tablet, insert the Micro SD into the card slot.

3. Plug in the power adapter, the screen will display a charging icon(as shown below).
4. Click the power button for five times consecutive, then the screen will display the android icon(as below). The tablet is begging to upgrade system, please wait about 4 minutes, the tablet will upgrade automatically.