Proscan PLT8235G Problems: Factory Reset with Every Startup


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Jun 8, 2014
I have had the PLT8235G since Christmas with no problems, then the other night on startup I find some downloaded apps gone ( Cool Reader ) and the tablet will not shut down properly. To shut down, have to hold on/off button for over 30 secs.
Now on startup, I have to go through entire setup from Factory Reset - WiFi, Google account, Time zone. Says I need 13 updates for Google apps, select update all and shows downloading, but never completes. Will not install any new apps, shows installing but never completes.
Have tried Factory resets, accessed internal memory with laptop and deleted everything, - NO Change.
Does not seem to act any differently with 16 GB micro SD card plugged in or not. Both laptop and settings find the card.
Google mail will get my emails and the google apps sort of work, but cannot find or access anything on SD card.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Since this post, I went to and got firmware update for PLT 8235G and installed using sd card. Since then Tablet is back to normal operation
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Jul 2, 2014
How did you get the firmware on the tablet? I can't get my PLT7777 to boot into recovery mode, so I can't access my sd card.