Questions about our new tablets :) With Cliff Notes..

Dec 2, 2011
Wow, i had a lovely long long post all typed out seeking knowledge and advice.. i finally finished and hit submit new thread just to be informed i wasnt logged in... i frantically hit the back button expecting my novel of light pink words gone.. but they were there.. only they were small and black and everything looking smooshed with HTML tags? thats what i get for wanting to use font a color... i then tried logging in (copied it all first) and maybe some magic would happen it would reappear.. nope.. then i saw that auto saved button to bring back last thing saved... brought back like .8 of the post... but anyways i really want to post this for a lot of help.. so if you have the patience that i do not have right now.. please read what i wrote and respond... ill take the minute or 2 and separate the cliff notes from the novel that explains everything but doesn't haveeeeee to be read.. unless you wanna... again thank you so much in advance.. and you rock so much more then i said you do in my first attempted post!
(oh and if the post below post to the site all fixed because the html tags, or whatever, decided to work... then ignore what you just read above and please continue your journey.)

<font size="4"><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'">CLIFF NOTES AT END<br><br>Hello :)</font><br><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'">So I made an intro thread pretty much saying im here with questions and want some opinions on picking android tablets for my young kids.</font><br><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'">I have 2 Coby Kyros 7012 tablets.. one is mine, the other is my grandmother's.. she wanted something she can read books, the news, and learn a few new things she can do on the tablet while at work. (shes a hospital sitter, and does nothing for 8 hours over night but watch over patients, lots of free time) I didnt really do any research on this tablet or any other. She went into Walmart and bought 2 and gave me one. Its gonna be a long thread.. :) sorry</font><br><br><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'">So here is what I have done so far.. I was disappointed to not see the android market to use for apps and what not on this ANDROID tablet, and saw i guess a place to get apps called "GetJar".. i didnt even bother and got online to try and figure out how to get the android market on it.. After google pointed me to a post on this forum I followed the poster's directions and got it on mine. Great. Now to grandmas.. same process.. market functions and works.. BUT...</font><br><br><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'">I open market and search CNN (does same with other searches) to download an app for her to stay updated with.. just to get "A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen." I tried other items to search, same results.. then i tried on mine and it worked fine..Market opens up.. i can click on any of the apps and download fine.. so whats going on?? I did a search and a post or two said clear market cache.. and it didnt help, same issue. So how can I fix this without having to uninstall everything or even do a factory reset, just to have the same error again?</font><br><br><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'">Now I have a question about both tablets.. the screen times out at 30 seconds as set.. but while its just sitting there doing nothing after screen turns off the screen will pop up again out of no where. I have a pattern lock in place so thats what shows when blinks and my grandma's tablet &nbsp;has the factory slide lock. i doubt the screen locks are causing this but figured i'd mention them.. anything can be done to make sure the screens stays off? you would think it coming back on randomly, a few mins apart, would have some affect on battery life.</font><br><br><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'">Ok now about the power button.. On grandma's tab screen turns on.. do whatever ok im done, press power button to turn off screen and it sleeps.. On my tab i press it and the screen turns on, do the usual stuff.. ok im done.. press the button.. nothing.. screen stays on.. if i hold it down it asks to turn off or whatever else. So i cant turn off screen instantly on mine and wait for the screen time out 30 seconds later.. yea i know i can just wait for it to turn off itself.. but see.. i have 2 very quick kids who love love love to play, download and&nbsp;purchase apps and games on my Evo the second they see me set it down.. (i also try to shut the Evo screen off but hey sometimes we forget..)and when i forget is when they can access my market.. even setting to 15 seconds time out is to slow. i want it off when i press the button... i didnt see/or completely missed anything in my settings to change the fact the screen wont turn off when i press power button once.<br><br>Like i stated earlier I didnt research this tablet before it was bought because it was pretty much a gift.. so i see it has "800Mhz processor, 256MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory" quoted from after googling the product.. i'v read comments about this tablet on a few sites and alot mention its kind of slow.. some say dont bother playing games on it because its to slow.. i dont know much about the speed aspect.. so if it can be explained please do... but anyways..<br><br>Now i myself do not want it for any games really, and doubt my grandma wants me to put bunny shooter on there for her... but what about having the Kindle App and downloading books?? I see the microSD slot to add more memory i assume you download the books to.. will having multiple books saved on an external microSD affect the speed? <br><br>And if they are bought and saved in your very own Kindle cloud online if that exist (havent looked to much into apps to get books but figured Kindle is well known and should be very easy for my grandma to navigate to find a new book if wanted) will running the app and trying to access a book to read and turning pages which need to load be to laggy on something this "slow" as its been called quite a few times...&nbsp;<br><br>Besides the microSD slot to add more memory space to save stuff (i dunno what though theres no&nbsp;camera) can it be made to run any faster?&nbsp;<br><br>I see after googling the brand and what not with out the model number there are more higher, quicker models.. for more money obviously, but my grandma set her price, so returning 7012 for something more is out of the question for her, but not just that, after messing around with mine so far on facebook app, facebook&nbsp;messenger&nbsp;app and visiting a forum i read often with out really any lag or problem, also depending on the WiFi connection, it seems like its enough for her.. unless downloading and using the few apps (news station apps) and reading books really starts to bog down the speed.<br><br>*quick recap on&nbsp;usage&nbsp;- <br>Me - facebook app, facebook&nbsp;messenger&nbsp;app, and a bookmarked website i navigate all the time and to download/ stream/ how ever they do it to read books..<br>grandma - a few apps here and there to keep up with news, weather, and whatever else she asks me if they have an app for.. (ill tell her not to go to crazy, huh?) and to download/ stream/ how ever they do it to read books..<br><br>If not then what would be? If i had to/want to i can return or exchange mine for what i wanted, but i dont want to spend over 150 for something ill be using when either home and dont feel like using my laptop or at a location ill be at for a while that has open WiFi.. just to use mainly as an e-reader and few apps.. &nbsp;(i dont want a nook or kindle tablet, i enjoy the android platform)<br><br>the biggest concern is the e-books for grandma.. and how they are accessed and stored (if on microSD, then no problem i guess!)<br><br>Ok done with me and grandma :) <br>My kids want and we (family) want to buy them each an android tablet.. i have a HTC Evo they both take over playing games they have downloaded (some bought by charging to card, worst option ever! my 3yr old can do it and loves to do it often.. FML) and i download educational apps for them that they really enjoy too.. but i only have one cell phone and i have 2 kids who both wanna play at once.. and the screen isnt big enough for all those activities they do.. so why not a tablet? Yea they have that leapfrog leap tab thing.. blah blah 99 bucks, then what 15-20$ for games cartridges and i doubt it has its own "market" for games, free or to buy.. plus its to baby for them they said. Boy - 3 and Girl 6.<br><br>I already KNOW the 7012 i have (that is questioned about earlier for skimmers) would be way to slow since the tablets for the kids would be loaded with apps for them to play and learn stuff with.. &nbsp;so one maybe with a camera also would be great! but not needed. <br><br>I know the 7012 is a 7" tablet, seems like the whole tablet, corner to corner, must be 7" and not the screen because the screen seems small, i personally have not measured it because i dont mind, but for them, the bigger the actual screen appears, the better..<br><br>We want to stay around 150 - 200 each... so for that price range what speeds should i expect it to have? How much Mhz processor, how much MB of RAM, and GB shouldnt really matter to much because of an external microSD slot would be expected?<br><br>So what brands and models should i check out that fits what we are looking for that you would&nbsp;recommend?<br><br><br><br><br>

CLIFF NOTES<br> - sorry its a novel.. i like to explain ****.. lol<br><br>grandma went out and bought 2 coby 7012 tablets, one for her one for me.<br><br>I want to be able to read e-books, use the facebook apps i have and browse the web with out lagging speed<br>Grandma also wants to read e-books and use a handful or so of apps shes&nbsp;interested&nbsp;in without bogging the speed too.<br><br>issues im having and need help fixing ... <br><br>if these are not&nbsp;sufficient&nbsp;enough to do what we want without speed issues ill just factory reset and return...<br><br></font><span style="color:#ee82ee;"><span style="font-family:trebuchet ms;">1 - for what we want to do, are these tablets sufficient enough to use as we want and last a good while? if not recommend what would be &nbsp; .. . &nbsp; &nbsp;within $100 - $150 range.</span></span><font class="Apple-style-span" color="#ee82ee" face="'trebuchet ms'"><br>2 - after figuring out how to add the real market thanks to the site, i have a server error on grandma's tab when searching for apps. <br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;clear cache was recommend after a search and didnt work. anything else to try?<br>3 - on both of our tablets, with 30second (any time really) screen time out set, it will shut off itself, but then come on again for a second or &nbsp; &nbsp; . &nbsp; &nbsp;two every few minutes.<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;i have a pattern lock on mine and she has the factory slide lock, if it matters..?<br>4 - The power button, on grandma's i can press it to turn off screen without waiting for screen timeout... on mine, it wont turn off screen.. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;. &nbsp; &nbsp;button works because i can turn off tab when holding it down, or when sleep, press once to wake. i want this to work. how can i fix it?<br><br>CLIFFS for the second half - &nbsp;an Android tablet each for my 2 kids? boy is 3 and girl is 6...&nbsp;requirements are <br><br>1 - android..<br>2 - size 7 inches, screen has to appear large unlike the Coby 7012 tablet.<br>3 - fast, because they will be playing games and, running learning apps..<br>4 - storage - i assume there would be external SD or microSD slot to expand, but also a large internal memory (RAM right??)<br>5 - $150 - $200 range<br><br>So what do you recommend for them?<br><br>and if possible in reply to help fix the issues quote or just copy and paste that section, and answer like a quiz in school.. LOL<br><br>Thank you so much in advance... and if you read the whole damn thing.. you freaking rock.<br><br><br></font></font>