RC11 Air Mouse and TV Stick Video Player Controls?


Senior Member
Oct 10, 2010
Q: Does anyone know of a way to have an "air mouse" function as a normal TV remote when viewing video?

Using a UG007 HDMI TV stick (rooted 4.1) and a Measy RC11 wireless "air mouse" (Basically a Wii controller with a keyboard and mouse L-R buttons on it)

While playing a video on the TV using MX or any other player, to fast-forward, stop, pause, play or rewind, I have to activate the mouse and then attempt to hit the right button on the bottom of the screen before the controls disappear.

Is there any setting, player, or app that will let me assign RC11 keyboard buttons for these functions so I can just push an RC11 button for fast-forward, play, etc. ?