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Jan 14, 2016
I looked at and read a number of comments about the adapter cable you mentioned. It may work, or not, but many people didn't have happy results with this type of cable. While revisiting the options yesterday, I had originally tried to 'cast' from the RCA tablet to Roku (as you said you did), before opening this thread in January 2016, but no joy---which is why I tried the HDMI cable route.

However, since then, my wife purchased a new Roku and gave me her Amazon Firestick. I hadn't tried to cast (Amazon calls it "mirroring") to the Firestick, so I did---and they (tablet and stick) recognized each other immediately, and I was able to watch a couple of things from my tablet Android apps that aren't available elsewhere, such as Russian hockey. I watched for quite a while and video and audio were fine. So, think I've found a solution to do what I wanted to do in the first place.

Thanks to all who offered assistance. From my point, I'm considering this closed. Cheers!


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Mar 6, 2018
Hi Folks,

I registered here in the forums just to post this reply:

I read ONE lone single message elsewhere on the Internet about a WORKING solution to this problem... ensure that the included keyboard for your RCA Viking Pro is CONNECTED to the tablet BEFORE connecting your HDMI cable. I was sceptical about the fix at first... you know, "I read it on the Internet, so it MUST be true" LOL!

I bought my tablet back in January of last year (2017), and NEVER had any luck with connecting it to a HDMI capable TV. I tried connecting it to FIVE different TVs of varying brands... 4 different Vizio TVs, as well as an older Philips TV. All result in "no signal".

After reading about the keyboard trick just tonight, I then tried that. I usually don't use the included keyboard, as I have a nicer USB wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse combo that I use.

I connected the tablet's included keyboard, connected the HDMI cable, and VIOLA! The HDMI worked WOOHOO! :) OVER A YEAR LATER, and it's now finally working on my tablet :)

P.S. After establishing an HDMI connection, you CAN THEN disconnect the tablet's included keyboard, and (in my case) reconnect another keyboard and mouse... the HDMI connection will continue to function as it should :)
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Apr 27, 2018
My husband and I tried everything as well and after read the comments about the connection not working .. we were ready to give up, the tablet powered off on its own since the battery was low. Once it was back on the image was on our tv so it just needed a restart after the connections and settings were all done