Real time streaming from samsung galaxy tab 2 to E6530 Samsung smart television


Jul 30, 2012
First off, thank you for reading this and helping me out.

Secondsies, I have absolutely no clue about these things what so ever, and should i have posted in the wrong section, im sorry, tell me and i'll take my business elsewhere.

Now that we got that out of the way.

I'd like to know how i can stream (real time) my tablet to my television.
So that whatever i do on the tablet will be seen on, and listened from, the television.
For example i did not find a way to hook up spotify on my television. It didnt show in the app section.
However my tablet does a great smooth job at spotify.
If i could somehow stream the tablet to the tv, BAM, awesome party setup.
It would also make for much easier youtubing. Cause smart tv youtube is fun and all, but im getting paranoid by entering the search tags with a tv remote control.
Hella frustrating.
Anyways, so i figured there must be people in here, a lot smarter than i am, that could help me with this.

Thank y'all for taking the time to read/think about this.