[Review] Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 HD


Dec 18, 2013

You may recall that the last time I had a Polaroid tablet review, I went on a road trip of epic proportions with the family (and if you have not seen that, you can always watch it by clicking here). Well, this time around, I did not have quite the same setting. Instead I had to pass the 1 tablet off to several families, to get their various takes on it. I would have had video of them if I had not lost a Hard Drive. :(

They call it HD, but its screen is only just. It performs much better than the previous version, and has a lot more games, and the Google Play store, all for the same price as the Original. What you gain in other areas, you lose in battery life though and the 5 hour constant gaming came down to about 3 and change. So it is less well suited to road-trips, but this one does a much better job of appealing to more children with its wider app selection.
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