[Review] UG 007 Mini PC


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Sep 25, 2012
It's a 101*38*13mm bar-shape TV stick honeycombed with passages, Check the body of device you will find one HDMI output slot, one USB 2.0 port and a micro SD card slot.




basically the same as MK808, UG007 also runs Android 4.1 Jelly bean operation system and houses 1.6G dual core RK3066 processor, Mali 400 graphics GPU, besides, this newest mini PC also comes with 1GB Ram and 8GB Internal Memory, as well as 802.11n WiFi. I think what makes the UG007 different from MK808 is that UG007 gets built-in Bluetooth. I've checked the BT application by data transmission via smart phone. It runs good. Since the WiFi performs well but not enough for downloading after testing(as well as MK808), I think the built-in Bluetooth is necessary for a TV stick.
I've check the apps (angry bird, media player, browser after linking WiFi) and I should say it performs well enough on lower end hardware, I find no lag when running the apps for hours. The start interface is a little strange for me. You will find there is no application pre-installed so TF-card or BT data transmission is necessary.

Video Review Linking: https://www.youtube.com/user/lightakevideo?feature=mhee

1. There is still no power on/off key-press
2. No built-in 3G
3. The WiFi Antenna technology needs to be improved

The price is around $61.99. Here is the product Link(If you find some other good price please PM me):
Presell UG007 Bluetooth Dual Core Mini PC RK3066 Dual Core Android4.1 1G+8G WIFI Blutooth - Black
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The first mini PC MK802? Consider of the weak WiFi signal(the worst one I have ever seen) and the bad control of its giving off heat, you will never want to get one, the price is low but I think Allwinner A10, 1.5GHz 4G ROM is not good. I will never suggest MK802 myself.

Which one do you suggest and has good WIFI ???