[ROM] Fake FlyTouch (MID) (Blue LED) (WMT2.1.2 and 2.1.1)


Oct 26, 2010
88_WMT2.1.1_WMT2.1.2_20110122-HcH [rooted/boosted/market]:




* change boottext
* rooted
* market
* youtube
* optimized windows loading
* extra apps
* extra games
* deleted scn/tcn stuff
* removed / disabled phone func
* cleared dalvic
* changed bootlogo
* updated wallpapers
* removed 6.5mb from launcher clearing ramspace
* enabled adp
* added more wallpapers incl thumbs
* placed special modded new wallpaper
* default media player plays avi/mkv/flv/3gp

Note1: This is tested on a device with a Blue LED, Green Headphone input, no vibrate at startup, MID label on the box which came with firmware version 2.1.2, this firmware is 2.1.1 based but works fine except for the bootscreen, that get's messed up due the progress bar, I might fix that.

Note2: The version that was shipped on the device claimed to be Android 2.2, but that's false, it's 1.6! Also this device claims to be 256MB while it actually is 128MB, the NAND drive is just 1GB.

Download @ www.hch.net.tc (85MB)
I cannot get the download link to work. Does anyone have different link? Can any other roms be used on this unit?

That's not true, it's not an ad, it's a forum :) and there is no download link, just a referral to my site :)