rooting 'generic' tablets?


Jan 11, 2011
Hi All

I've been lurking here a week, or so, ever since I started looking into an ereader. Somehow (inevitably) my search for info lead me here. :thumbsup:

Anyway, I'm definitely open to the idea of an Android tablet and have been trying to figure out how everything fits together...

So... I was wondering for the generic tablets that you see on ebay and from a number of the sellers that have been mentioned on this board... Do you have to root/re-root them to 'unlock' the functions of the pad? I was under the assumption that because they were generic that there would be little/no restrictions on them. I understand that in some cases you have to install additional apps/features (android market, flash(?), power/programme management software, etc.).... Its difficult to tell from the sellers' descriptions and I'm a little unclear..

If I were to go for one of these generic tablets would it require a lot of tweaking, hacking, re-installing, etc... to get them to work? (all the 'infrastructure' kinda stuff, not angry birds ;)).

Thanks in advance for all your help and the great info on this site!