[Rumor] Asus' Transformer Prime Maybe Pushed Back to December to Get ICS


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Jan 5, 2011

There is a new rumor suggesting that the Asus Transformer Prime will actually be delayed until December, but luckily this isn't really bad news, as the delay is supposedly to make sure that the device comes out with Ice Cream Sandwich preloaded. The tab was originally going to launch with Honeycomb, but according to DigiTimes, that may have changed. The report indicates that in order to compete more aggressively with the impending launch of Windows 8 from Microsoft, Google has been working hard with Asus to include Android 4.0/ICS with the Transformer Prime. We should probably take this info with a grain of salt as DigiTimes can sometimes have sketchy info, but many of their reports have turned out to be accurate as well.

If this is true, it will probably be worth waiting a bit longer for, don't you think?

Source: TransformerForums via DigiTimes
Well if we must wait, then so be it. This tablet is worth waiting for, no doubt. To have a tablet with ICS, and a quad core processor will be a big plus in the tablet community. This also further demonstrates Asus's determination to get it right the first time, as they do with their desktop mainboards.
I woud much rather see it released now with an ICS update in December but I imagine Google will likely get their way. It's not that long of a wait I suppose.

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I'd also rather get the machine now and update later....But I'm greedy and want it with a fiery passion. I WANT IT NOW! AHH!
Ugh, that's terrible. I was all packed up and ready to head over to Best Buy tomorrow. This was going to be my first tablet. Oh man--to have to wait another month--sheesh. :)))
Worse still, even when it is released it may not be that easy to get your hands on one right away, unless they learned something from the shortages of the original Transformer.

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Looks like we will not see the T2 (Prime) until December and it will still ship with Honeycomb. Good news is min specs are 32gig for $499 and 64gig for $599. I hope I was good enough this year to make Santas list.

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