[Rumor] Galaxy Nexus Checkout Page Seems to Confirm Jelly Bean to be Android 4.1


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Jan 5, 2011


Although this might be a typo, a checkout page for a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus being purchased through Google Wallet seems to confirm that the next Android OS will be coming soon, and that it is called 4.1 and Jelly Bean. The anonymous purchaser shared the screenshot with the community, but he also shared another that seems to further confirm. The final checkout page shows a picture of his soon to come G-Nex, with what is a different looking Android homepage than we are used to. In fact, it looks very "Jelly Bean-esque." What do you guys think? Could this be a hoax, or a slip-up, or maybe just a tiny bit of marketing mischief on Google's part just before the I/O conference next week?

Thanks for the tip, nikecar!

Source: NexusTablets.netEngadget