[Rumor] Samsung May Be Announcing Four New Tablets in Beginning of 2014


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Jan 5, 2011

If the latest rumor for Samsung is accurate, then it looks like the Korean OEM is planning on doubling down on Android tablets next year. According to the latest intel, Samsung plans to release four new Android tablets in the first quarter of 2014. No specific details have been shared regarding most of these tablets, but we are pretty sure that one of the first devices out of the gates will be the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.

There is also solid intel that Samsung might launch a 12.2-inch version of its Galaxy Note tablet. The wildest speculation even suggests a 13.3-inch Samsung tablet that will dual-boot between both Android and Windows. Hmmm... would that make it a "Wandroid" or an "Andows" tablet? Regardless, Android tablets have still had an uphill battle unseating the iPad line from its throne, despite solid growth. It would appear that Samsung is attempting to change that and wants to duplicate their success with smartphones. What do you think their chances are?

Source: BGR