Rumors of a Dual Screen Sprint Tablet to Come Feb 7?


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Jul 9, 2010
Source: Leak about Sprint's upcoming event- dual-screened device - Android Forums
Via: Dual-screen Android tablet to be unveiled by Sprint on Feb 7th? -- Ubergizmo

Ok I figured I would create a new thread on this due to some info I received today. Yes there are other threads speculating on what Sprint might be announcing on the 7th, but there isn't one that has any concrete device info. Since I believe I have come into some of that afore-mentioned info, I figured I'd get the chatter going and get people's thoughts. So here goes..

-The announcement IS a device- no plan restructuring or anything (like they need more of that with how much they pissed off everyone today with that we're-now-gonna-charge-you-an-extra-$10-for-data-even-though-you're-already-paying-for-unlimited deal.

-It has large screens- think somewhere between the Evo and the Galaxy Tab.

-It actually has dual screens- there's a primary one but then also a secondary screen that flips up from the back, like on a hinge.

-No word on what that second screen does, if it integrates with the primary screen to give you one big screen, or if you can run an app on each, or what. Sorry I couldn't get more details.

-No official word on if it's voice-capable, or if it's some kind of tablet/slate.