Saving Wikipedia Offline to the computer before factory reset


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Apr 8, 2014

I have a one year old Nook HD+. I've been using it all this time without any issues. It was only yesterday that I had a problem. When I tried to open Coolreader (for reading epubs), it wouldn't open, then the Nook would give a message that Shop had stopped working, and there was another problem with "". I searched for a solution on the net but couldn't find one, so I finally did a factory reset. Its working fine now; I did have to connect the tablet to the computer to copy the books again, which is not a problem, but I lost all the apps that I had downloaded, which is again not a problem, since I can install them again. But one app was huge, Wikipedia Offline, 2+ GBs. I'll have to download it again.

Now my question is, suppose I face a similar problem in the future, is there any way to copy the Wikipedia folder from the Nook to the computer, so that I can copy it back after the factory reset? Where exactly does this folder lie?

Edit: Does Google Play allow stopping and resuming downloads? What I'm planning to do is to download the Offline Wikipedia to the computer from Google Play (if it is possible), and then copy it to the tablet. I don't have unlimited internet, only certain hours of the day are free.

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