Screenshake Issue Hardware Fix for 8" iMX515 Variants (hardcoreforensics)


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Jul 9, 2010
To anyone who is tech-savvy enough to apply the hardware mod:

A solution has been posted here: Touch screen 'wobble' and the Filter Network on Expansion PCB

It involves replacing the ceramic capacitors on the expansion PCB. Some trial and error is expected with the capacitor value.

But optimally anything between 10nf and 70nf is usually good. (also be aware that capacitors are usually +-20% anyway, so it's not a 'super' exact science.)

More here
I've been following threads about the screen shake issues here and in the other android forums while I wait for a tablet to arrive. The initial reports on some forums seemed to frame the screen shake issue as impacting some but not all iMX515 tablets (some users maybe not seeing the issue on their tablet.)

Given the issue is now known to be a hardware design flaw -- how widespread is the screen shake issue? Are there some lucky few who don't have screen shake or was this flaw engineered in by the original manufacturer and copied by all of the copycats?

I have an FR-809 and yes the shaky screen issue is present... which it could get annoying when you are trying to drag/delete widgets or icons from the screen. The best solution to do this is to use a stylus. With the stylus I've had no issues performing the action I previously mentioned. As far as replacing capacitors... HAHAHA!! ya I cant do that, this tab is pretty much sealed!! no screws no way to get it open.

But I am glad to hear that some are getting close to getting a fix... I just wished it was just simpler, like a software patch or update or something like that.

:( Aside from that issue I love my Tab.
Seems like Utopia has taken care of fixing the shaking issue using the capacitor mod according to this blog post
I guess they came spying around here and on hardcoreforensics..! ;)
hardcoreforensics has been sharing information with utopia, I believe... and chinese speaking users have been trying to get the manufacturer to fix the issue by providing the information from hcf. it is understandable that utopia did not give credits to hcf for this fix, although i notice that there is now a new link on hiapad pointing to hcf.
Mine shakes quite often but less when using a stylus. So I stick to using a stylus all the time now.

I seriously wish it would get fixed though as this is the Apad's biggest, most obvious flaw.