Shadowrun Online Hits First Kickstarter Goal; Coming to Android, OUYA & More May 2013


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Jan 5, 2011

For folks who are familiar with the pen and paper RPG called Shadowrun, the promise of a true turn-based strategy RPG video game might get them excited. For those who are unfamiliar, the basic premise is an RPG set in an alternate cyber-punk style fantasy-mixed future, where guns, hacking, and cybernetics meets orcs, trolls, dragons and magic. It's kind of like if a D&D-style fantasy world eventually evolved into a Bladerunner & the Matrix mash-up in the future.

Not long ago there was a PC video game made that licensed the Shadowrun name, but it was a massive disappointment. This is because it was just an action-game, and was poorly executed. Today's news looks very promising as a way to make up for that past failure. There is currently a turn-based tactical RPG in development that just passed its first Kickstarter project goal of $500,000. It is called Shadowrun Online, and the developers plan to bring the game to Android, OUYA and other platforms as well.

One of the things that is most promising about this version of the franchise is that the developers are not only trying to capture the spirit and flavor of the original P&P game, but they are also making sure that the tactical, turn-based elements remain true to the game yet are easy and smooth for the gamer. In fact, the developer's "are working closely with current and previous creators of the pen and paper role-playing game such as Tom Dowd and Jason Hardy." From what we can see in the video, the movement and action system is very reminiscent of the original turn-based PC RPG Fallout from the 1990's. That's a fantastic pedigree to emulate. The big difference here is that Shadowrun Online will be designed from the ground-up to allow and encourage you to play multiplayer with friends!

One of the other cool things about the game is that all your progress will be synced across your multiple devices so you can play whenever and wherever you prefer. So far, the current business model for Shadowrun Online is that it will have free accounts with in-app purchases for better gear. It will also have a paid version that offers you additional perks and unlimited play. Here's a quote with a few more details,

At its core SRO is a full Unity3D online game, accessible through Windows, Mac, Android, iOS- and Linux and on Ouya, with high quality graphics and great effects. It is fully cross platform, meaning you can play it on your tablet in the train, then go home to sit down at your PC to continue with the same character. Highly individualizable characters and a turn based system, which balances fast-paced action with deep tactical combat, make it a true Shadowrun experience.

Color us excited!

Source: KickStarter - Shadowrun Online
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