Should i buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4?


Feb 6, 2014
I have 2 tablets a Windows 8 tablet Acer W700(I5 core) and a Android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.

I have got the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7 for last Xmas and got Acer W700 for my birthday 2 months after in february.
I mainly use Galaxy Tab 2 7 for surfing the web, Watching videos, Looking up the latest news, games and more.

But i am wondering should i buy the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 to replace my Galaxy tab 2 7 because it has way better CPU(Snapdragon 800 2,3 GHz) and has the multi window feature and a wonderful display(2560 x 1600p) and it has a bigger scean (8.4 inch compared to Tab 2 7) and it has Android 4.4 Kit Kat and 2GB of RAM and it will get software/Android updates and be more future proof(2+ years) and It is powerful enough to play most 3d hardcore games like FIFA,GTA.

For the multi window feature when i was listening to music on my Galaxy Tab 2 7 sometimes i wanted to surf the web at the same time but i found a bit limiting could not have 2 apps on at the same time on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 2 but the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 allows me for a example listen to music and going on Facebook at the same time in 2 windows at the same time and the 7 sceen inch is a bit small for me.

Should i upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 in the next couple weeks till i afford it and leave my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 as a back up.

I am very interested in the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and i think it will be a HUGE UPGRADE from my Galaxy Tab 2 7 :)


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2012
I totally agree with your assessment of the SG Pro. It's definitely on the top of my personal list of possible upgrades to replace my 7-inch Acer.