Sony Applies for a Multi-Sensor Control Surface Patent; Dares to all it the EyePad


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Jan 5, 2011

It looks like Sony's R&D department are working to bring some crafty ideas to the tablet world and poke fun at Apple in the process. The above pic is from Sony's most recent patent application. They are seeking a patent for a multi-sensor control surface, and the hilarious part is they are daring to call it, the EyePad. Here's a quote with some more of the details,

The flat, tablet-like illustration is described as having six-axis motion sensors, joystick controls, and illuminated edges that "provide a similar functionality to that of the illuminated ball of the Playstation move." So, this would work not only as a physical surface (it has touch sensors too), but also as a motion tracking device in conjunction with the EyeToy. That's not all, though, as there are plenty of references to a pair of stereoscopic cameras "of a type typically found in mobile phones and other compact devices" at each end of the touch surface -- allowing it to create depth maps. The result described in the application is an area above the "EyePad" where objects can be recognised, and perhaps incorporated into a game. We're not making that leap, either, as it's Sony itself which refers to existing controllers of "systems or entertainment devices such as the PlayStation 3."

From the looks of this patent, besides the obvious eye-movement capabilities, Sony maybe be pushing toward a convergence between their Playstation consoles and tablets. This should not come as a shock as they have been talking about that eventuality since last year. Regardless, if they can pull off what this patent suggests, our gaming experiences will start to evolve into something quite different in the future.

Isn't technology wonderful? ;)

Source: Engadget