Strange "Matrix"-Like Display On Tablet


Junior Member
Jan 18, 2017
A couple weeks ago, my Nextbook Ares 10 tablet went all "Matrix" on me. I was streaming YouTube just fine with the smaller screen size, when the video went all green and then began pixelating. After a few seconds, the whole tablet screen displayed a cascade of green pixels like the numbers in The Matrix film displays.. Only just green pixels - no numbers.

The tablet was unresponsive but I was able to power off, then had to reset using the pin-hole on the back side. Everything has been fine since.
I have the Nextbook Ares 10 and have not had that issue. I have, however, had a similar issue with the Ares 11a. Though instead of green, the screen went all grey. I opened it up and unplugged the battery for about 30 seconds. That fixed my issue completely... it might work on the 10 as well...