Stuck on touch screen calibration! Any help??..

Mar 5, 2011
It just won't move on from this screen but sometimes goes blank even when switched on & charged up. I found a small hole on side of tab but didn't have a needle/pin to put in it. Is this some kind of reset (the hole)?

I tried holding down all the buttons & pressing them together too.

Any advice most appreciated. Thanks.


Dec 27, 2010
Probably your microphone, reset is usually on rear of tablet.If this is a Chinese no name, when your touchscreen calib. shows all the time, its toast!
If you send back, you will never see it again, If you just got it ,submit a paypal claim within 45 days period,Good Luck, It happened to me also on 2 of these tablets (***************)within 3 days.

i paid 20.00 each to return, they got one and lost one(2/13/2011) I have been getting lied to for past 33 days! They keep saying it's being put on their agenda soon !
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Mar 5, 2011
Thanks again! I will prob have to contact Paypal then. But surely these tablets I got are "good copies" cause I inspected them when I brought them. Every detail looked authentic right down to the packaging with the little plastic bags containing leads, etc. This is very concerning to me even hough I admit I'm not expert on such matters, that such convincing fakes are being made. Well just my opnion


Mar 11, 2011
I have a Sylvania Tablet 7",
The hole on the faceplace is the light/darkness sensor.
I started have a problem with it making selection on its own, I took it apart, suggest dont do it.
But when I was putting it back together, there was a spot under he glass like a drop of water and this was causing the problem.
If I put pressure on the side, the spot when away. So I took a bandaid a put in on the tablet to hold the side down good enough that it would the right amount of pressure to keep the screen from having the bubble.
The bubble had to be there before I took it apart, cuz i was making selections by its self, that is why I took it apart.
So the bandaid worked.
When I did a start up. It was perfect. I could make selection, set up email, wifi, download books, apps, etc.
I didnt even have to recalibrate.
Bandaid fixed the problem.
Now, I need to order cover for it. Not sure where to find one.
I hope this helps if anyone every gets what looks like a bubble or water drop under their screen.
Mar 5, 2011
You might be onto something there COTABLET! My Android Tab feels unsecure on one side like it has been taken apart maybe & put together but not as tight as it was before. Thanks.